Give Children a Chance to Live! Children Are Our Future! Give Children a Bright Future!


 1.      Education and Training,  2.      Housing and Construction,  3.      Agriculture and Production,  4.      Health and Livelihoods,   5.      HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care,  6.      Human Rights Advocacy


EDUCATION SPONSORSHIP:  The organization supports education of pupils and students at all levels of formal and informal education. This is through lobbying and disbursement of school fees to the learning institutions at a termly basis at agreed procedures. This is followed by provision of scholastic materials to the pupils and students including books, pens, school uniforms and mathematical sets. It should be noted that different beneficiaries have varying needs so they are dealt with differently.  Donor conditions is also a factor to note here so every funding agency and individual donor has different priorities so we respect all.


The organization has carries out a skills development project for the women, out of school youths and people with disabilities. Currently, a sewing project is in place and the long term objective is to establish a Vocational Training Center and the process is in progress.


The project aims to improve on Orphans and Vulnerable Children's basic welfare and support to their education and health through implementing Income Generating Activities/Projects. Currently, a piggery project is existent as a starting point. By January 2018, a heifer project will be in place to support other sub groups like the Muslims. These projects are to run on a revolving status to benefit the largest number possible in the short and long terms.

CLOTHING:  Clothes, nappies and other items for young ages up to 19 years. Worn-out or old clothes to you may be of paramount importance to children in Busoga sub region some of whom have no access to any one piece. Feel free to send them to us as gifts to the children; they will be grateful to receive them.

WELFARE: A hungry mind is an angry mind. Communities with prolonged drought conditions suffer from famine and children do not study well. Food aid is the immediate remedy to their demands especially children attending school. Malnutrition is a common health threat in these communities affecting children?s growth and development

BEDDING: For proper growth of children, adequate sleep is paramount. Blankets, bed sheets and mattresses are required for this purpose. Whether old or new, they can revive the hope of these children and their families.