Give Children a Chance to Live! Children Are Our Future! Give Children a Bright Future!


Agapewo Ministry Uganda family needs you to participate! Join us and make a difference. What would you give, to keep a smile like this? To receive a smile so great, please donate.

If you are interested in participating there is a lot you can do. You or your company can partner with Agapewo Ministry Uganda to enrich the lives of others. Become a Sponsor/donor of Agapewo Ministry Uganda family. An exciting project where children are supported and given the opportunity to live a safe and healthy life and a hopeful future to develop their talents and skills. You or your company can be part of this life changing day! Did you know that a cup of coffee from your local coffee bar costs the same as nine meals for a little child in Busoga sub region? So, if you are drinking a cup of coffee as you read this, just think, nine little girls or boys could be having a hearty meal-from that one cup! It really doesn’t cost a lot to be a sponsor. A restaurant dinner for four could feed 14 Ugandan children for a month or even one child for a whole year.